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Built By Teachers.

For Teachers.

Our app was created by teachers, who understand the needs of your business. From our easy to use app or innovative features, we give you everything you need to run a successful business.

What Can Teacha Do?

Here are just some of the amazing features of Teacha.

SMS Messaging

Send text messages to your students, direct from our app.

Sign-Up Portal

Allow customers to easily sign up for classes, with our online portal.

Cloud Based

Access your students from anywhere in the world at anytime.


Send invoices & reminders for easy online payments, via our app.

Keeping it Simple

Teacha is designed to make it easy for anyone to use. We give you everything you need to run your business, without all the complicated bits.


Forget to do your register? Don't worry, we handle it all for you, with just one of our many automations, ensuring you can get on with running your business.

Direct Debits

Never miss a payment again with our easy GoCardless integration. Customers can sign up via our app and invoices will be taken automatically.

Send Video/Images

Connect with your students like never before, using our innovative cloud feature. Send pictures/videos via our app, which will be sent directly to the student.

Why Teacha?

What It’s All About

A little feedback

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers think.

Shana KeelerShana Keeler's School of Dance

I absolutely LOVE the teacha app and all it's features. It is so easy to use and connect with my students/parents. I wish i had made the move over to them ages ago!

Helen NunanDancezone Studios

Teacha has everything i have ever wanted, plus a whole heap of features i didn't even think of!! Makes my life so much easier, knowing everything is automated and taken care of.

Natalie RiceKarma You Yoga

I have been using Teacha for a few months now and really like it. It's a bit different to my old system, but in a good way. Everything is just easy to find and it's just an easy to use app overall.

Ava Barron ThomasDanSci Dance Studio

I can't believe i have only just found Teacha now! It's amazing! I just love using the app and love the fact my parents have an app i can communicate with also.