Facebook Marketing

Forget everything you know about facebook marketing!

Do you ever wonder why when you post to your facebook business page that you only get a small percentage of comments / likes compared to the amount of people who like your page?

This is because facebook is only showing your post to a small percentage of people that like your page.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is one of the biggest tools to generate you customers and get your business out there which is an absolute must.

Why you ask? well, Facebook is a money making machine and is very good at this. Facebook and all other major social platforms including search engines put the odds in their favour, which makes it incredibly difficult to get your product, business or service out into the world, unless you pay for the privilege.

You can’t blame them either, as they are a business like you and nothing in life is free.

What does this mean? Well it means that most of the time you have spent on creating posts, images, videos and spending countless days scheduling posts over the years was unfortunately in part a waste of time. The theory you have no doubt believed over the years of more posts = more business wasn’t actually true.

Now don’t get me wrong, you still need to do this, as you need to stay active to new potential customers looking in.

However only post content that is worth posting, like a student doing a really cool move , a customer testimonial or a special offer you have on. Make it worth your time and don’t pump out generic content, because you think you need to. Posting once a week or even every other week is sufficient.

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What works

Now that you know what doesn’t work. Let’s get onto what does work!

Facebook ads, boosted posts, facebook groups the list can go on. Everything has it’s place however the best and most effective way to put the right people in-front of your product/service is by using facebook ads/ boosted posts. 

I know this can be daunting and if I’m honest, it’s going to get a bit more complicated with this explanation. However at least you will know the theory behind how it should work and if it was easy, everyone would be marketeers.

The first step to creating a successful advert is understanding your customer. You want to put your advert in front of people who are actually going use your service. The more you can narrow this down and target exact demographics the better. Time and time again, I see adverts set-up with 10 demographics linked to one picture advert. You spend £50 for example and sometimes it can work and sometimes it doesn’t, but you have no idea what has worked or why.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that it won’t have worked anywhere near as well as it could have done.

The reason for this is that out of the 10 demographics you have no doubt selected, there will be 60-70% of these wasting your money and not producing you return. This is like you having a budget of £20 not £50.

What you need to be doing is set-up an ad set for each demographic by itself and the compare. For example, have an ad-set for interests in dance, another for the type of dance and so on.

You will soon realise the winners / losers and then you remove the losing campaigns so your winning ones have more budget to succeed.

The other side of this is you have no idea what adverts will be enticing a customer to click and buy, as no doubt, you will only be using one ad. Ideally you need to create 2 x image and 2 x video ads all with 4-5 alternative primary texts/headlines. If you do this for your first add set you can clone to prevent a lot of work.

Like above, you will soon see the winners and losers and see what people are clicking on more. You then narrow these down to the 2 ads that are winning and run with these.

Although it’s more work that you are used to, you only have to do this once and then you have ad advert you can reuse, that you know is 100% streamlined to produce results.

I hope this makes sense and helps clear up facebook marketing for you a little.

Please look out for Facebook Pixels and Retargeting, which takes this to the next level and really opens up your possibilities with facebook ads.

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