Some really useful tips!

Today I’m going to give you some really useful hints and tips that every website should follow. SEO or search engine optimisation isn’t an exact science, but there is some easy quick wins to push you ahead of your competition.

Remember there is not point having a great looking website if nobody can find it!

Title / Description tags

These tags are seen when you search on Google and a list of results appear with a title and description. On each page of your website, these tags should be used. Ensure they are relevant to the page content, contain the search term(s) you want to be found for and be written in a way which entices a potential customer to click. You only have between 50-60 characters for a title and 150-160 characters for your description, so make them count!

Heading Tags

These tags are used on a page to not only break up your pages content, but are also used by Google as a ranking factor. You should use these tags starting with a H1 and increasing to a h2, 3 etc as you go down the page. They should be descriptive to the paragraph underneath and be between 20-70 characters in length.


Ensure your content is always unique, relevant to the page and contains up-to 3 keywords you would like to be found for. Do not saturate with too many keywords as search engines hate spamming and will have a negative effect.

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More Points

Think about speed and content!

Page Speed

The faster the page loads, the better ranking score you website will given. Stay away from large images, bulky scripts and slow loading videos.


These are a great way of adding fresh and unique content to your website, which every search engine loves! Concentrate on the areas of your business sector that people would want to read more about.

Think Local

Remember to think local and always use the town(s) you would like to be found in. Its good to think global, but you’ll more than a well built website!

Choose your areas based on where your customers are from!


When adding content to your page, if you mention a word that relates to another page, always pop in a link.

Mobile First

When ranking your website, Google use a mobile only index. Make sure your website is optimised for mobiles for better results.

Follow these steps and I promised you will give your website the best opportunity of being found!

Thanks for listening and stayed tuned for some more Top Tips soon.

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