Facebook Pixels

Forget everything you know about facebook marketing!

Hopefully you managed to catch my video about facebook marketing? If not, please check this out first as it will give you a better understanding about how facebook works, before jumping in the deep end with retargeting.

Facebook pixels and retargeting is a method of tracking your website visitors and using the information to retarget them with other adverts.

The reason for this is 80-90% of traffic don’t action on their first visit.

Why you ask? Well there is a whole physiological side to this which I won’t pretend to understand, but the fact still remains. On average It actually takes someone between 5-7 times seeing your ad or visiting website before taking action.

These percentages are averages and can vary depending on product/service, however the fact always remains that a first time buyer is a rare thing! Don’t worry though, there is a way to deal with this and it’s super effective.

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What works

Now that you know what doesn’t work. Let’s get onto what does work!

The answer is using pixels & retargeting which is a little bit of software that links your website and your Facebook account. It will then track all the visitors to your website and exactly what they are doing on there. Using this information, you can then set-up a retargeting campaign to put your ads in front of anyone that has visited your page in the last 30 days for example.

Using the technique explained in the first Facebook video, you create your 4 ads 2 image and 2 video ads, which are ideally different to your initial ads.

You can then pick your winning ads from this and pause the remaining.

Facebook will start showing this retarget ad when you have 500 to 1000 visitors tracked through your pixel. If your ad is not working straight away, don’t worry, Facebook is just waiting for enough initial visitors.

I’m not going to go through how to set-up a pixel as it’s different for each website and provider, however Facebook have a full guide if you search for Facebook pixel website integration.

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